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The View on the Vrbanja River from Debeljaci Welcome
Help the town and the people of Debeljaci

At this point, the community of Debeljaci needs your help in construction of the church tower, the driveway to the church and the front yard of the church.

The new organized folklore group "KUD Debeljaci" needs to purchase 2 mandolins (100 Euro each), and 15 pair of unique national leather shoes (50 Euro each), but they do not have the source of money to buy those supplies, which were burned and stolen during the civil war.

All people of good faith please send your help to the following bank account of the nun
Sr. Hildburg Radinger from Austria:

Raiffeisenbank Wels Süd
Bankstelle Steinerkirchen
Kontonummer 3.853.579
Bankleitzahl (BLZ) 34 770
Sr. Hildburg Radinger
Kirchenplatz 2
4652 Steinerkirchen
Austria (Österreich)
Help the people of Debeljaci

It is important to indicate the purpose of the help such as
Church tower or Kud (folklore group).

Thanks to all who helped monetary and those who helped
in construction of the church or any other possible way.
Every help is always welcomed.

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